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My Story


It was in my teens that I realized the way my family ate was very different than how other families ate. My whole life, we raised our own food, grew gardens and had orchards.  Our daily diet consisted of fresh nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat that we lovingly raised and grew as a family.  Yet I wanted to eat what other families ate - bright orange mac n' cheese, sugary cereal, microwave "chicken nuggets," and such. What I didn't realize was that my desire to consume what others consumed was probably the most unhealthy way of eating. It was called "The Standard American Diet" and it wasn't until I was in my mid-20's that I learned it was causing so much chronic illness stemming from massive inflammation, lowered immune response due to leaky gut, and a general society of unwell people.

It was at about this same time that I discovered I hadn't learned to cook!  I had spent so much time in the garage with my dad, that I failed to spend much time in the kitchen with my mom.  That's when I turned to early public television and cable cooking shows to learn about flavors, textures and the science behind cooking.  I also scoured thrift stores and bookstores for new and exciting cookbooks to read. 

At this same time, my deep interest in natural living was developing.  I took a few classes from The School of Self Heal in San DIego, California, and began reading everything I could about real food, both historically and currently available studies.  Food became my obsession and how it affected health.  I was addicted to learning as much as possible about how we truly "are what we eat."


I also began to seriously question the medical industry and its lack of addressing causes and instead medicating symptoms of disease and illness.  I needed know more, so I dove deep into the world of holistic healing, natural wellness, homeopathy, herbal healing, organic food and whole food diets.

When I was expecting my first child, my instincts kept telling me that I needed to look deeper into vaccines and standard procedures of "modern" childbirth.  I kept wondering why there were so many shots for illnesses I had lived through just fine as a child, some of which I had received the vaccines for!  Why were these illnesses becoming so feared and what risks were there to vaccination vs. building a naturally healthy immunune system? 


This is when the true research began for me.  It was 1998 and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, et al, had released their study that included a simple sentence, basically as a side note that more research was needed into the MMR vaccine and autism.   

The world went into full blown controversy over the mere suggestion that there might be a link.

There was enough to this study that I refused to vaccinate my son until I could find the truth.  I knew I could always decide to vaccinate later, if I felt it was needed, but I knew I couldn't un-do a potential vaccine injury.  At this time, I wasn't against vaccines, per se, they just didn't make sense and much was coming to light that caused me to really question their validity.  I read every study and book I could find.  I attended seminars, I educated myself on immunology, vaccine history, nutrition history, and everything I could so I could make a sound deciision.  


I was right.  Vaccines weren't and still aren't "safe and effective."

Fast forward to today.  My three kids are 100% vaccine free, are rarely ill with even the mildest illnesses, have never had a course of antibiotics, and have experienced a higher quality of wellness than their peers, who are mostly fully vaccinated to the CDC schedule - which includes 72 individual vaccines, compared to the 10 recommended when I was a child.


My children have traveled the country and my daughter has even visited Costa Rica, they attend(ed) public school, have been involved in sports, church groups and other social activities.  Being vaccine free does not make them any more of a threat to anyone else's health than a vaccinated individual.  Their own health has been stellar, while their first and second cousins have developed severe, life-debilitating chronic, autoimmune issues, ranging from crohns, to anaphalactic allergic reactions to diabetes and seizure disorder.  


I had found the truth.  I had spared my children from the poisons in vaccines.

I am a strong and vocal activist against mandatory vaccination, routine use of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, especially in children and seniors.  I believe Nature is a beautiful designer and humans were created to withstand illness when the immune system is properly built and supported. 


I pursued my diploma as a Holistic Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012.  I am a proud graduate, having studied over 100 different dietary theories.  I am continually educating myself on herbal wellness, natural healing and living a pharmaceutical free, when possible.  My life's passion is to educate, inform and help you create a healthier you, naturally!

Let's get started today on YOUR path to optimal health and wellness!